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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild plantain (Inflorescence)

Botanical Name : Ensete superba
Family : Musaceae
Habit : Herb
Common Name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
English : Wild plantain, Indian bead
Hindi : Sabbajaya (सब्बाजय)
Sanskrit : Devakeli, Kamakshi, Krishna-tamara (देवकेली,कामाक्षी , कृष्ण-तामरा)
Malayalam : Malavazha,Kalluvazha, Kattuvazha (മലവാഴ,കല്ലുവാഴ, കാട്ടുവാഴ)

Solitary, non suckering. Whole plant dies down after fruit are ripe and new populations originate from seeds.
Useful parts: Fruits,Leaf juice,Seed

Medicinal Value: Used for the treatment of Urinary retentions,Menstrual disorders,Kidney and vesicle calculi,Burns and scalds



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